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Are we actually free women?

Self-affirmation influenced by social and cultural standards

Purchasing textile products of strong added-value coincides with a simple ideological message: wearing long-sought lingerie presents a free, blooming and seductive woman. Feminine contemporary elegance is said to be influenced by society. Lingerie would be perceived as enhancive, emancipating, source of accomplished and assumed femininity. These seduction initiatives would pass through a full aware, sensual and intellectual strategy. Testimonials of women or attitudes of teenagers fully show that women find spaces of freedom there, and they manage them according to femininity role-models, where body and sexuality have an absolutely essential place.

Certainly, the choice of refined and comfortable lingerie expresses the influence of social and cultural standards but it also reveals the will of self-affirmation: lingerie appears then less important than the very act of wanting to wear it. Society seems to righteously grant women the power of being different, various, disconcerting and secretive, just like lingerie that would gather the range of underwear for different situations of public and intimate life. They are based on demands of comfort, on seduction games, on elegant effects, on love practices. Another reason would guide this return of women to erotic underwear: the urge to wake up men’s desire against the rising women’s influence in the world of power.

Affirmation of the body does not obstruct development of refined lingerie. On the contrary, lingerie is up to the task and meets a renewed desire of seduction from clientele of both sexes, who search a more erotic femininity. Men’s underwear is also shown for women’s satisfaction since they now choose their partner’s underwear.

The major change in the use of women’s lingerie would depend on the reversal of the connection between women and these intimate objects. The games on underwear mark women’s identity where initiative comes or comes back to the woman.

Do you make a statement, in a certain way, on your freedom through your underwear choice?

Our alienation, according to artist Orlan

But beware of alienation! According to artist Orlan, beauty has become a social obligation, just as work and politeness. By provocation, Orlan proclaims the tyranny of beauty and makes society beware of stereotypes tied to women’s beauty. She did not hesitate to model her body into a work of art, even recurring to aesthetic surgery for this purpose. For more information on Orlan:

And you? Do you feel…

Under the obligation to make yourself beautiful every morning?
Under the obligation to respect certain beauty standards to be socially accepted?
That your underwear choice makes you feel more free, comfortable and good about yourself?
Aware or indifferent to beauty stereotypes promoted in our society?
Aware or indifferent to women’s REAL freedom?